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 I was amazed by your reading.  You knew so many things that were truths, about me, my life, and my interaction with my "buddies".  It was particularly important from a timing perspective, given our cat, Max, had just passed.  It was hard to gauge how this impacted Madison and Mindy, our two dogs.  You helped to fill that void so that I can help them through this difficult time.  You also have inspired me to begin my next book.  I have already begun my research.  Thank you and I look forward to the next reading.


Mary Ann






Dearest Karen,

Words cannot express my gratitude for yesterday...  

Teak slept very soundly the rest of the day and evening after you left.  It was good to see him so relaxed and satisfied.  I know you connected with him, and saw the peace it brought to him.  You have an amazing gift, and your mere presence brings much needed peace to a troubled mind, body and soul.  We both are most grateful for you and your kindness. 

Karen, again my thanks for your time, your awesome energy, and the peace you bestowed upon me/us yesterday.  I needed some peace and settling to my over stimulated mind.  Seeing Teak with you was heart warming and "eye candy" to me.  A picture my minds eye will never forget... I only wish I had taken a picture, cause it truly was a beautiful moment in time...

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

With Heart Felt Love and Appreciation,
Donna & Teak      





I for one can attest to the remarkable ability that Karen has as an Animal Communicator. When my daughter's beloved dog, Lucky was put to sleep, Karen brought solace to my daughter with her incredible insight and sensitivity that I have eve...r seen. Karen was somehow able to "see" things pertaining to Lucky that she could not have had prior knowledge about. Karen got Dana (my daughter) through a very difficult time and both Dana and I will be eternally thankful.
To be quite honest (and I always try to be) I can't say I was a total "believer" about what Karen does but all that has changed and I now realize that she (Karen) is truly gifted. Thanks to Paul for bringing her to us and thanks to Karen for being so willing to share your gifts with us

Thomas Valenti





Dear Karen,

Thank you so much for your reading. My mother was very happy to hear what you told her. She was astonished that her father had come through! My brother was equally impressed to hear the results from the reading. He indeed took Bailey's passing hard; he was there for all of it. I want to thank you for doing the reading and your generosity with the time. You've really helped my mother cope with her loss. I will definitely spread the word!

Thanks again and be well:)







Thank you so very much again for yesterday. I am so grateful that I have met was wonderful and my eyes are still swollen from crying :-) 

I really love you, you know? You are just the most genuine and sweet person I have ever met. Thank you for everything, I truly appreciate everything you have done and still are doing for my kitties and me. xoxox






Oh my........thank's Karen.  I really didn't mean for you to do that.  I just wanted you to see how cute she is.  Yes, you are so right.   She runs from their house to ours and back again every chance she gets.  We do have a cat bed full of toys which is kind of behind the fire place.  Most of them are Peggy's (our cat) but some are Olivia's.  She plays with most of them but does have her favorite squeaky toy which is a soft toy.  It's yellow and pink and definitely needs to be washed.  I do believe she has a purple or blue one in her own house that she plays with all the time......I'm sure it also needs cleaning.  Yes she sleeps with Victoria.   You did real good.........thank's again.  I send this to Victoria.  I'm sure she'll love it!

Love to all,





(From Pod Cast Radio NY)

Dear Lynn,

  Thank you so very much for the answers!! I am so grateful to you and Karen for the reading.  Needless to say I cried my eyes out even on the third time after I listened to Karen talking about my girls.  She was right about the terrace door and they did spend a lot of time there, when they weren't balled up on my bed. She was also right about illness around the stomach area: Peggy Sue died of breast cancer and Lola of the liver.  I am so happy that they're safe and that they continue to visit me.  Yes, there are times that I feel them around, especially Peggy Sue, as I call out her name.  I do smile at the thought of me and the four cats on the bed, Peggy Sue, Lola, Canela (cinnamon) and Boots.  Hope I don't

cough up a fur ball, ha ha.


PS: Thanks a million for the cat reading!





Hi Karen,

I wanted so much to pick up the phone and call you, it was an amazing night with Finny. 

I was totally overwhelmed by the change in Finny tonight, he is a different horse!  He was relaxed, happy, no biting, no nagging and when I rode him he was responsive to my aids and there was a sense that he was enjoying what we were doing.

I know you said it was very emotional yesterday, and I don't pretend to understand everything you two discussed, but the end result is something so powerful that I'm still feeling very much like I might be dreaming.   I am going to organize my thoughts and write something on whispers from animals tomorrow and  I just want to make sure I do it justice.

I want to say the same thing to you that I said to Finny tonight - thank you for this very special gift you've given me.  I sense that the healing directed at Finny healed more than just my horse,  it's touched me as well.

We're all looking forward to spending time with you again soon, and I hope as you read this you'll be smiling and know how much it means to me. 

Love from Kim, Finny and Beau

PS I'm still thinking about the bull dog that likes've got to love that!




I so enjoyed your company last evening. My baby birdie for the first time spoke to me this morning. I was amazed.Thank you. She always liked me and would look at me and not run away but this time she spoke to me. Very sweet.

Have a great day!




Thank you Karen for sharing your gifts and allowing us to partake in your blessings...You have a gift and it is a beautiful thing to be able to share your gifts with others....I am grateful for your willingness to step out and know that you are powerful....I thank you and my baby thanks you....

Blessings, Love and Light




Thank you so much for sharing your gift!  Sampson and I had a great time and a great reading.  

I learned a few things about him. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.





Hi Karen

It was wonderful meeting you today, and I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing you again soon.  The experience with Finnegan was very powerful, and I think it will be good to continue working with him!  You are more than welcome to come back by any time and see him/work with him in any way you think is beneficial.

I did come back out tonight just to take him for a walk and there was a noticeable difference just in his not being as aggressive when we were together; I felt him being more respectful of my space and in the cross ties he did not try to bite or nag.  I know that change is gradual and I am grateful to have a chance to bond more with him and to have us enjoy our time together.





Communication with Yogi

I did this communication via e-mail having only photos as reference.


Okay, here we go, Yogi is like a child with A.D.D. He’s very excited and a little scatter brained. Everything in his head is going at 100 m.p.h.

Does Yogi spin around? I see him spinning excitement?

Does he bark at you while you are in the kitchen to get your attention? Sometimes Jonathan comes between you and Yogi and Yogi doesn’t like that. Yogi is always thinking, “You’re mine!”

Yogi never lets you out of his site; he does not know what to do with himself when you’re gone.

Yogi’s head is too full....Buzz, Buzz!

He might benefit from some herbal medications to help calm him down. There are also some training methods you can try. Don’t worry so much about putting him in his crate; he needs some rules as right now he thinks he is the boss. Another dog might help, it will at least give him some one to play and give you a bit of a break.

Hope this helps. Sounds like you have your hands full.

Let me know how I did.

Take care,





Hi, Karen,

That’s Yogi exactly! He’s almost a permanent attachment to me and puts on a huge show whenever I leave. He is also very possessive of me; he always sits between me and Jonathan on the couch and sleeps between us at night. He barks at me to pick him up no matter what I’m trying to do.

I bought some of the Bach’s herbal remedy and that seems to help when I have to crate him before I go out. We are adopting his litter mate soon, I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks so much!

T.E. Sutherland


Yogi Update


Hi, Karen,

We’ve been steadily working with Yogi and he’s doing so much better now. He can go in his crate without too much of a fuss and I can do stuff around the house without constantly having to hold him. We did adopt his sister, Miya, and he was a bit jealous and stand-offish at first, but now they get on very well. Thanks so much for your insight; I’ll have to bring Miya to you soon.






That was an amazing reading, you are so on with him, and with Mo actually! He seems calmer this morning. You must have sent him some great healing vibes. Thank you so much

YES, the hawks! 


And thanks for encouraging me about my work.







Hey  Karen,   just  wanted  you  to  know  that  I  was  very  satisfied  with  my  reading  today.   You  really  helped  me  work  through  some  issues  I  had  with  losing  Marie  and  Ashley.  It  gave  me  closure  and 

peace of  mind  I now  can  go  on  knowing  that  there  together  in  peace  and  harmony  through  eternity !!!    I  am  forever  grateful  and  will  recommend  you  to  anyone  I  know  that's  having  trouble  coping  with  the  loss  of  someone  close  to  them.   thanks  again  soooooooooo  much!!!!       Peace  Joyce  






Hey  Karen,   just  wanted  you  to  know  that  I  was  very  satisfied  with  my  reading  today.   You  really  helped  me  work  through  some  issues  I  had  with  losing  Marie  and  Ashley.  It  gave  me  closure  and 

peace of  mind  I now  can  go  on  knowing  that  there  together  in  peace  and  harmony  through  eternity !!!    I  am  forever  grateful  and  will  recommend  you  to  anyone  I  know  that's  having  trouble  coping  with  the  loss  of  someone  close  to  them.   thanks  again  soooooooooo  much!!!!       Peace  Joyce  



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