What is Animal Communication?

Animal communicating is based on telepathy or communication from one mind to another. Telepathy is a universal language. It is “feeling and thoughts across a distance”.  I receive this telepathic information from an animal through pictures, sounds, words, feelings, sensation or a sense of knowing. Once the connection is made, the animal's thoughts, words and feelings and view points are received.

Animal communication is helping change the way we look at animals and the treatment of them. We now know that animals do have feeling. There have been many studies that show animals having empathy and we know they communicate with each other why not with us. Animals play a very important role in our lives; they enrich our world and our hearts. I am blessed to have this ability and to share it with those who believe.

We are all born with the ability to communicate with animals. Unfortunately we are socialized out of this as we grow. A good way to start is by opening our hearts and mind to animals. Take the time to stop and "just be” with your companion. There are many people who offer workshops that could help in developing this ability. Check out my links page for recommended books and teachers.(coming soon)


 DISCLAIMER- I am NOT a veterinarian. I do NOT diagnose illnesses or disease nor prescribe treatment or medication. I am NOT a substitute for a pet to receive veterinary care or proper training, or proper nutrition.

All readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Therefore, Karen McCormack Miura will not accept responsibility for any actions that you personally take that is derived from advice or information obtained during a reading.


How Can an Animal Communicator Help?



Adjustment Issues - Moving to a new home / bringing home new baby.


Behavior Problems- Any unusual behavior.


Death & Dying - Is it time for your pet to leave the Earthly plain? Do you wish to re-connect with a pet that has passed?


Health Issues and Support - Are you or your pet dealing with an illness?


Upcoming Changes- Going on vacation or changing jobs? Your pet may need help adjusting.


Relationships- How does your pet get along with other household pets?


Stress Management- Is your pet's living environment a good place for them? 



Communicating with you pet can be an easy way to solve problems. An animal communicator can help find out why the animal is behaving a certain way. Sometimes just having the pets viewpoint can resolve a issue. Although an animal communicator cannot alter an animal's behavior, or the owners behavior, understanding why the behavior is happening is the first step to a peaceful resolution. I can not make your animal stop a bad habit. I can not force your pet to change and I can not force you to make changes your pet might request. We can work together to try and reach a better solution to the situation.


 My Goal in communicating is to be able to give the animal and caregiver a better understanding of each other...to aide in a time of need. To teach that animals have feeling and concerns and are able to communicate to us.


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