About Karen McCormack Miura


Early Beginnings 

I grew up in Dutchess County in upstate New York.  


My love for animals was present early on in my childhood. The family home was full of pets and I could usually be found drawing them or just spending time with them. As I grew older, so did my love and appreciation for animals. I participated in 4H to learn about horses. When I was in the 5th grade, I even won third place in the science fair for a project about hamsters! 


My early involvement with animals carried on to the next stage in my life when, as a teenager I became active with the local humane society. Then on to art school where I honed my skills in animal portraiture. Once out of art school, I started working in an animal hospital as a veterinary assistant: and that was where I had my first experience communicating with an animal.


I Meet Henry 

One day at the animal hospital, someone brought in a large dog that had been found at the side of the road. The dog was obviously old, very scared and one huge matted mess. We had no way of knowing what his temperament was like and due to his size, everyone was a little nervous around him. At first so was I. 

Then as I looked into his eyes, I saw calmness instead of fear and I realized that he would not hurt me. I put him on a table and started to work on his coat. His coat appeared to have been white, but was now brown with mud and matted with burrs. The work took hours; first shaving, then washing and finally brushing what was left of his fur. Throughout the process, as I comforted him, I felt a return feeling of appreciation from him. I never for a moment questioned if the feelings were coming from the dog, I knew that they were and accepted them.


Once the grooming was finished the dog emanated total joy, love and gratitude. He still had a long way to go on his road to recovery, but he bore everything patiently and continued sending me these feelings of thankfulness and complete joy. I was amazed to receive these feelings from a dog who was undergoing so much; and yet here he was, covered with cuts and scrapes, bereft of his coat and hooked up to an IV and he was so happy just to be with us and to be alive.

Several days passed before a man came in looking for a large white dog. He showed me photos of his dog named Henry, and though the photo was of a magnificent, healthy animal with a glorious white coat, it was definitely the same dog that I had shaved down.

Henry was indeed an older dog who had become separated from his owner more than two weeks ago. No wonder his coat had been such a mess, who knows what hardships Henry might have had to endure before he was found and brought to the hospital.


The owner was in tears when I told him that we had Henry and that he was okay. He told me that Henry was such a special dog, and I said, ”I know.”

Witnessing Henry reuniting with his owner is one of my most treasured memories.


Meeting Henry was a turning point for my work with animals. That old, lost dog re-introduced me to the very real connection and communication possible with animals. The first message I received from Henry came with the realization that all animals are of pure Divine love. Just as we are and we can make this connection because we are all of the Divine. We all have this ability to communicate with animals; it requires only an open mind, open heart and willingness to receive their message. We just have to take the time to connect and be open.


True Gift

Then next thing I knew I was grooming full time. Word spread that I could groom any dog, even the most aggressive problem cases that were given the boot from other salons. Once I had them on my table, they were no problem for me. The same was true with cats. Many salons don’t even try grooming cats, but for me they were no trouble at all. I would place my hands on a cat and focus on sending her comforting thoughts along with the message that I would be done as quickly as possible and the promise that she would feel so much better after. The cats all responded to me and soon I was known in certain circles as the ‘Cat Whisperer’.  


It was during this time when I first started receiving specific messages from the animals. At first I thought it was neat and just an added bonus to spending so much time with them. Then, on a whim I tentatively asked a dog’s caregiver if the message I got from the dog was accurate. The shocked look on her face confirmed it was true. So I began to keep a journal of animal messages and sought confirmation every chance I could.  I knew in my heart that the messages were real and true, but as the continued confirmations from the caregivers piled up in my journal, I recognized that this was important. This was a true gift that needed my full attention.


I was taking a meditation class, but decided I needed to learn more. So I began studying Reiki, Native Shamanism and researching power animals. The more I learned the more I wanted to know.

Gradually, I started becoming more and more comfortable with receiving messages and finally worked up to doing readings for a few close friends. They were all so supportive and repeatedly encouraged me to offer my abilities as a reader to others, but I was still hesitant.  I kept telling myself that I needed to know more and I still felt the need of a sign. Even though I had found and recognized my true gift I was still holding myself back from the world. I believed I had to get a really strong message that I was on the right path before going any further.


The Final Push

I have been seeing a Red Tail Hawk for several months at odd time throughout my day. One day on my run the hawk flow over head and circled me three times. It would show up in one of my trees in the yard. It followed my car. I would hear it calling for me.  I know it was trying to tell me something. I know they are known as messengers.Then one day It all made sense, while out driving, I saw a red tailed hawk perched by the side of the road. I had my camera in the car, so I decided to stop and try to take a few shots.

I walked almost right up to her and she looked me directly in the eyes, so I asked her if I had her permission to photograph her. Her answer was apparently yes as she stood still for me and then even stepped up on a stone wall and posed again.

I noticed she was holding a carcass in her talons and I thought it was tangled around her talons. I reached over and gave the carcass a gentle tug, she pulled back, then I tugged again and she released the carcass. She wasn’t tangled at all, she just willingly gave me her food! I was completely stunned by this. I realized with elation that this was the message I was waiting for. I looked back at the hawk and thanked her. She flew up to a nearby branch and watched me walk away.

I had learned in my research that the Hawk symbolizes ‘messenger’. Her message and gift to me was the knowledge that communicating with animals was what I needed to do for others.

I went home and called two of my dearest friends, Jeannie and Jody. They own Hands of Serenity, a store that offers spiritual classes and services. I had studied meditation with them for many months prior to my encounter with the hawk. I told them about my special message and that I was finally ready to offer my animal communication services to the world.



My goal in communicating is to give the animal and their caregiver a better understanding of each other. To provide aide in a time of need. To teach that animals have feelings and concerns and are able to communicate to us, if we will only listen.



Karen McCormack Miura still resides in Dutchess County, New York with an assortment of furry and feathered companions. In addition to being an animal communicator, she is an animal portrait artist, and practices Hands on Healing. She is currently working towards her Reiki Master’s certification.


In Karen's spare time she enjoys hiking with her dog Maggie and running, biking and swimming.  She is currently training for her first 2nd Half Iron ManTriathlon, she is an endurance runner who has completed several 1/2 and full Marathons as well as other endurance races. She said the training helps keep her mind in focus. She finds that most of the training can be a form of meditation.


Karen is the mother of two beautiful children, Daniel and Abby.

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