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Group Sessions

Host a Pet Communication Party!

Hosting a party is fun and enlightening. Animal Communication Parties are truly special celebrations that provide positive benefits to all participants. Parties are open to all species of animal companions and Karen can work with party guests or from photos of past and present companions. Share this truly unique experience with a few like minded friends and host a Animal ​

Communication Party.

Your obligations as a Host
  • As host / hostess you will receive a 20 minute session or a 20 minute Spirit Healing performed on one pet. This can be used on the day of party or within the same calendar year. ( or this can be used for another guest at the event)

  • There will be a added travel cost determine by mileage and time.

  • There is a minimum of 6 guests and maximum 12 guests.

  • As host you do not have to have everyone bring their animal companion. I am able to work from photos of past and present companions. If you wish for everyone to bring their companion you must have a safe space large enough to accommodate all of your guests and their companions. (I would be happy to meet outside weather permitting.) It is highly recommended that all animals are kept on their leash.            

  • A quite, private space away from the main group for individual sessions.

  • A timetable for all the guests in attendance which allows for 20 minutes per guest. (Please have each guest assigned to a time slot before the start of the party.)

  • Please provide gentle reminders to keep me on time as I tend to lose track of time during readings.

  • Refreshments for your guests.

  • Fee is $35 per guest for a 20 minute reading with Karen.    


Recommendations for your Guests
  • Each guest is to bring a photo of an animal companion they wish to have a reading on. No need to bring a photo if you are able to bring your companion.

  • Each guest should have a list of questions and or concerns written down prior to their session. This way, we can get right to the answers and not waste time.

Address of where the party will be hosted

Date you would like to host your party.

Thanks for submitting!

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