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Spirit Healing

Spirit Healing is a combination of healing techniques that Karen uses when working with animals. The treatments mostly used are Reiki, Hands on healing, Animal Communication, intuition and the use of Crystal and Herbal Therapies.  Together these healing techniques can bring balance to the chakras, relieve mental stress and clear the body of negative energies as well as help loosen muscle tightness and relieve pain and promote healing. When the body’s energy is in balance healing can take place. 

Spirit Healing can help in many ways.

Comfort to an aging animal
Elimination of negative energies

Balance energies

Pain relief
Stress reduction
Improved disposition
Relaxation of muscles
Improve circulation
Balance chakras

Karen will only work one on one with these techniques. This can not be done over the phone. Please fill out the form below or call Karen if interested in having an appointment.


First time treatments start at $145 plus travel.

Follow up treatments $95 each treatment plus travel.


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