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Whispers from Animals

Karen Miura

What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is telepathic discourse from the mind of an animal to the mind of a human. It is an organic language combining images, sounds and emotions to express thoughts which allows for deeper insight and comprehension than verbal conversations. We are all born with the ability to communicate with animals, but most forget that along the way. A good way to begin reconnecting is opening your heart and mind; slow down, take a breath and just be with your animal companion.


About Karen

Karen’s special connection with animals was evident from her earliest childhood memories. The family dog and other pets were enamored with Karen and followed her around like a furry entourage. Karen was still very young when she began drawing and her animals patiently posed to allow her to capture them on paper.
Karen soon discovered even more animals at a neighbor’s farm where she spent as much time as possible in their peaceful presence.
Karen knew she wanted to spend her life with animals and went to work at an animal hospital part time while she studied art and began doing commissioned pet portraiture. Around this time Karen also began sharing her gift with others by communicating with her friends’ animal companions. Many people encouraged Karen to pursue her abilities, but Karen was hesitant until she was out hiking and received a message from a red-tailed hawk. The hawk told her that her gift was helping animals by communicating their messages to humans.
Since that day, Karen’s passion has been to be a voice for the animals.
Karen is happily married with two children plus several four legged family members. She  is a Pastel Animal Artist and a triathlete. A lifelong resident of Dutchess County, NY, Karen can often be seen running with dogs on the local trails. She is currently working on a book of messages from animals.


Home Sessions

Meet Karen in person for a one on one private sesion with you and your animal.

Phone Sessions

Unable to meet with Karen in person, Learn more about phone sessions here.

Group Sessions

Hosting a party is fun, enlightening and a truly unique celebration.

Spirit Healing

Spirit Healing can help your animal in many ways.




Pastel - 13.5 x 10.5 inches

Animal Portraits

Karen is also an accomplished award winning pastel artist.

To view more of her extraordinary works of art or to commission a portrait of your beloved animal, click on the link below.
 "I know you connected with my Teak, and saw the peace it brought to him.  You have an amazing gift, and your mere presence brings much needed peace to a troubled mind, body and soul".


"I want to say the same thing to you that I said to Finny tonight - thank you for this very special gift you've given me". 


 "I was amazed by your reading.  You knew so many things that were truths, about me, my life, and my interaction with my buddies". 

Mary Ann




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April 15, 2018

20 Minute Private Animal Communications $35.00

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